unattributed Venetian grosso - 1300s? - Christ enthroned

Ancient Coins - unattributed Venetian grosso - 1300s? - Christ enthroned
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Obverse:  ?? the legend is not quite decipherable ??  I'll dig into deeper references.  S M VENETI  //  DVX Doge and St. Mark facing, holding banner beteween

 Revese:  IC - XC  Christ enthroned holding book of Gospels
The Venetian grosso was introduced in 1192 by Doge Dondalo and was symbolic of the rising economic power of Venice.  Venice effectively co-opted the Fourth Crusade for their own purposes and as history shows, the Crusades resulted in the sacking of Constantinople, a stronghold of Christianity.   This coin remained the premier trade coin of the Mediterranean for hundreds of years and it remained amazlingly constant in size, appearance and purity.  The coin was copied far and wide by Bulgaria, Serbia and other medieval states.
A fascinating coin that is contemporary with the Byzantine Empire.

18mm, 1.74 grams
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