Syria, Antioch, Titus, 79-81 AD, AR tetradrachm

Ancient Coins - Syria, Antioch, Titus, 79-81 AD, AR tetradrachm
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Obverse:  laureate bust right

Reverse:   ETOYC G IEPOY, eagle standing left on palm branch, wreath in beak; club to left, date in legend
Prieur 140 (Antioch)
There was an interesting note in the CNG's mail bid sale 69, (June 2005) where they noted:
While the major references continue to locate the mint for this tetradrachm in Syria, its frequent appearance in Judaean hoards may suggest a location further south. Possibilities include Tyre and Jerusalem. One other candidate is Caesarea, since it was the Roman administrative center for Palestine. If such an attribution is correct, this coin would then be part of the great coin production undertaken in the aftermath of the First Jewish War.
25mm, 14.86  grams
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