silver half siliqua - Constantinopolis - 5th - 6th centry AD - K on reverse

Ancient Coins - silver half siliqua - Constantinopolis - 5th - 6th centry AD - K on reverse
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ANONYMOUS. Circa 6th Century AD. AR Half Siliqua
Obverse:  Helmeted and draped bust of Constantinopolis right

Reverse:  large K

13mm, 0.88 grams

This coin is hard to attribute!!

I have seen other dealers mention:  Kent, "Urbs Roma and Constantinopolis Medallions at the mint of Rome" essays Sutherlannd.  I don't have this reference.

When CNG sold a third siliqua in this same series of issues they noted:
"S. Bendall offers a tentative typology and chronology for the confusing and little studied late Roman anonymous silver fractions. He accepts the generally agreed conclusion that the earliest, finest style issues were struck for the occasion of the formal dedication of the new capital of Constantinople on 11 May 330. At this time the first Roma head series was struck, as well as the female bust types that probably represent one or more of the prominent women associated with the family of Constantine. Bendall further analyses stylistic variations and reported hoard finds, and suggests that further issues in the series appeared on the anniversary dates of the founding, in 430 and 530 AD, and in addition that variations continued to be struck for other events during the reign of Justinian I, all celebrating his re-conquest of Italy."

Vagi 3051

Neat coin and one that could lead to some interest research.
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