Hungary, Bela III, 1172-1196 AD, AE scyphate

Ancient Coins - Hungary, Bela III, 1172-1196 AD, AE scyphate
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Obverse:  Virgin Mary seated, facing, holding scepter SANCTA MARIA

Reverse:  Bela III nad Stephan IV seated facing, holding orb and scepter - REX BELA REX STS

26mm, 3.68 grams 

These coins always fascinated me as they were contemporary with the Byzantine empire and also had the concave shape.  Like the Byzantine coin they used seated rulers for imagery and yet the imagery is oddly abstract.  At times I could argue there is the influence of India, the Celts, and even the method of using a series of dots to create shapes is reminiscient of other ancient coinage.  Overall  a fascinating coinage issue from Bela III.


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