Crusaders, Peter I - Cyprus, 1359-1369 AD, AR gros

Ancient Coins - Crusaders, Peter I - Cyprus, 1359-1369 AD, AR gros
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Obverse:  king seated on throne holding up sword and globus cruciger

Reverse:  Jerusalem cross

Peter I was born in 1328 AD and assumed the tite of "King of Cyprus" and "King of Jerusalem" in 1359 when his father abdicated.  The fact that he had no influence or presence in Jerusalem must have irked him til no end because he traveled Europe to try and gain support for a crusade to retake Jerusalem.  He led a band of Cypriot and Western Europe knights on a crusade starting in 1365 to sack Alexandria.   His troops refused to attack Cairo.  He did manage to raid Tripoli before his crusade fizzled out.  In 1369 he was killed by 3 of his own knights in his bed.

26mm, 4.48 grams

neat silver coin of the crusades!!
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