Aureolus, in Postumus' name, 267-268 AD, billon antoninianus - Mediolanum

Ancient Coins - Aureolus, in Postumus' name, 267-268 AD, billon antoninianus - Mediolanum
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Obverse:  IMP POSTVMVS AVG radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right

Reverse:  CONCORD EQVIT Concordia standing left, foot on prow, holding pater and rudder.

RIC 373, Schulzki 6b

19mm, 3.05 grams

super coin for type!

 In 268 AD Gallienus had placed Aureolus in command of the legions in northern Italy  to protect Rome from invasion by Postumus while he campaigned against the Goths in eastern Europe. When the emperor was conducting his campaign, Aureolus openly declared for Postumus, and issued a series of coinage in the name of Postumus from  Mediolanum (Milan). It is uncertain what Postumus's attitude was towards this event,
  but he was unable to commit any forces (due to Laelianus's uprising) to help Aureolus, who was soon beseiged in Mediolanum by Gallienus. Nonetheless, during the seige Gallienus was assassinated, and was replaced by Claudius II. Upon hearing of this event, Aureolus attempted to make peace, but Claudius refused, which forced  Aureolus to capitulate, hoping for leniency. In this time of constant upheaval, there  could be no room for Claudius to be lenient, and Aureolus was put to death.

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