THESSALY Skotussa Bronze, ca 300-190 bc. Ex T.D.collection.

Ancient Coins - THESSALY Skotussa Bronze, ca 300-190 bc. Ex T.D.collection.
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THESSALY Skotussa Bronze (AE; 24-25mm; 5.28g; 6h) ca 300-190 bc. Head of Athena or Ares (?), wearing helmet adorned with crest and plume to right. Rev. [Σ]ΚΟΤ[ΟΥ] / ΣΑΙΩΝ Bridled horse prancing to right; below tail, letter Φ, but off-flan. Very fine. Good middle green patina. Nice bronze, not played around with. Rare.

BCD Thessaly [Nomos 4, Zurich 10 May 2011, 1344]; BDC Thessaly [Triton XV New York 3 Jan 2012, 752]; SNG Cop. 258.

This coin type is usually dated to the 3rd century BC but it probably is later, almost certainly 2nd century. This is because the helmet of Athena is strikingly similar in basic form to that worn by Roma on early denarii, struck from c. 211 until the earlier 2nd cenury (as Crawford 51 ff. - of course the Roma’s helmet bears a wing rather than a plume, but the shape is the same).
A note from BCD: Head, in his Historia Numorum 2, p. 310, identified the obverse of this and of the next lot as “Ares(?)” and this writer tend to agree with him rather than with ASW. Admittedly, the similarity with the obverses of lots 257 and 258 above is not striking but, then, the Skotussa coins are much later.“ (Nomos ebenda)

Ex T.D. Collection.

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