Sicily SYRACUSE Bronze litra, ca 420-380 bc.

Ancient Coins - Sicily SYRACUSE Bronze litra, ca 420-380 bc.
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Sicily SYRACUSE Litra (AE; 18-20mm; 6.62g; 3h) ca 420-380 bc. ΣΥΡΑ Head of Athena to left, wearing Corinthian helmet with laurel wreath; to left and right of head dolphin. Rev. Hippocamp to left, with curled wing; rein hanging loose; Plain border. Good very fine. Well centred. Nice middlegreen patina. Very good Athena head. Rare with the dolphins on obverse.

SNG ANS 449; SNG Marc Bar 222; SNG Morcom 704; SNG Tüb 659ff. var (no dolphins); Weber 1632var (no dolphins) and pl. 63.

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