A. Postumius Albinus Denarius, 81 bc.

Ancient Coins - A. Postumius Albinus Denarius, 81 bc.
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A. Postumius Albinus Denarius serratus (AR; 18-19mm; 4.00g; 12h) 81 bc. Draped bust of Diana to right, draped and wearing earring and necklace; hair drawn back and collected into a knot behind; at shoulders, bow and quiver; above head, bucranion. Rev. A POST A F – S N ALBIN (ligate) (= Aulus Postumius Auli Filius Spurii Nepos Albinus) On a rock or hill a togate figure stands left near a lighted altar, and sprinkles with a branch an ox destined for the sacrifice; edge serrated. Almost extremely fine. Av. Small scratch at 4h. Wonderful old toning. Well centered. Sympathic coin.

Bab. (Postumia) 7; BMCRR I p. 351, 2836 and pl. XI.15; Cr. 372/1; RBW coll. 1392; Syd. 745.

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