Kuschan Kadphises AE-Tetradrachm Taxila #7071

Ancient Coins - Kuschan Kadphises AE-Tetradrachm Taxila #7071
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Kuschan Kadphises AE-Tetradrachm, Wima Kadphises, 105-130, Taxila / Nothern India.

Obvesre: Kadphises, standing facing, head left, sacrificing over altar to left and holding hand on hilt; to left, filleted trident behind, tamgha and club to right

Reverse: Siva with three heads standing facing, holding trident in raised right hand and resting lowered left hand on bull Nandi standing to right, behind, tamgha above to left.


Mitchiner: 3008.

27mm; 17,33g.

Extremely fine, black toned.

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