Extremely rare! Licinius I with Licinius II #7105

Ancient Coins - Extremely rare! Licinius I with Licinius II #7105
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Licinius I & Licinius II. AD 320-321,Follis, Antiochia mint, officina B.


Obverse: DD NN IOVII LICINIIINVICT AVG ET CAES confronted busts, laur., dr., facing one another,together holding trophy with two shields

Reverse: I O M ET VIRTVTI DD NNAVG ET CAES Jupiter stg. l., chlamys across l. shoulder, leanimg on sceptre, infront of trophy, at foot of which two captives. SMATB in exergue.


�: 21mm; 4,15g

RIC VII, 547, 50 var.

Good very fine, Extremely rare!

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