Severus Alexander AE32 Seleucis & Pieria. Antioch.

Ancient Coins - Severus Alexander AE32 Seleucis & Pieria. Antioch.
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Severus Alexander AE32 Seleucis & Pieria. Antioch. 
Obv: Laureate head right.  AVT KAI MAP AVP CЄ AΛЄΞANΔPOC CЄ.
Rev: Tyche seated left on rocks, head facing; to left, second Tyche standing facing, holding rudder and cornucopia; to right, crowning Severus Alexander standing left. Δ - Є across field.  Half-length figure of river god Orontes swimming left, head facing.  ANTIOXЄΩN MHTPO KOΛ / SHC.
McAlee 833b.  222-235 AD.  15.76g.
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