L. Liveneius Regulus, 42 B.C. AR Denarius

Ancient Coins - L. Liveneius Regulus, 42 B.C.  AR Denarius
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L. Liveneius Regulus, 42 B.C.  AR Denarius, Sear 489, Craw 494/30, Syd 1112, RSC Livineia 12, BMC 4271, VF, 3.61g, 17mm, 0o, Rome mint, bare head of praetor Regulus right; reverse Two gladiators in combat with beasts, in center one attacks a lion, upper right one defends himself from a tiger using a shield, wounded boar sits upper left, L REGVLVS in ex; obverse and reverse both 5% off center, some corrosion, toned
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