Vologases VI Drachm (208-228 AD) - Ecbatana Mint

Ancient Coins - Vologases VI Drachm (208-228 AD) - Ecbatana Mint
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Reign Vologases VI
Denomination Silver Drachm
Date Struck 208-228 AD
Mint Ecbatana
Obverse Bust left with long, pointed beard extending beyond beaded border; wearing tiara with ear flaps, pellets on stalks round crest and a line of pellets on stalks on side; lines coming out of crest and diadem with loop at the top and two ends. Monogram behind head (abbreviated king's name in Aramaic)
Reverse Blundered Greek legend with top line in Aramaic - Archer seated right on throne holding bow, below bow monogram
Weight 3.80 gm
Diameter 19.09 mm
Reference Sellwood 88
Grade AU
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