INDO-SCYTHIAN: Aspavarma AE drachm. VERY RARE!

Ancient Coins - INDO-SCYTHIAN: Aspavarma AE drachm. VERY RARE!
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Obverse King mounted on horse right, holding whip, Kharoshthi letter va  at right, blundered Greek legend around
Reverse Pallas Athena standing right, holding right hand outstretched, holding spear in left, Kharoshthi monograms at right, nandipada at left, Kharoshthi legend around: Indravarmaputrasa Aspavarmasa strategasa
Date c. 1st century BCE or 1st century CE
Weight 2.61 gm.
Diameter 12 mm.
Die axis 8 o'clock
Reference MIG 899, Sen 182.1D
Comments The coins of Aspavarma are RARE, especially the small drachms or quarter units. The coins offered as Aspavarma are frequently misidentified drachms of Azes. This coin is incontrovertibly an Aspavarma issue, as the name can be read clearly on the reverse. For comparison, I have provided a photo of another Aspavarma drachm below. Please note the coin below is not for sale, as it is from my personal collection. It is provided to help you identify the offered coin (pictured above) as being of Aspavarma. The two coins appear to share the same reverse die.
Ancient Coins - INDO-SCYTHIAN: Aspavarma AE drachm. VERY RARE!
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