INDIA, WESTERN KSHATRAPAS: Vijayasena (239-250 CE) Silver drachm, as Kshatrapa, year S. 161. SCARCE & CHOICE!

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Obverse Head of king right, blundered Greek legend around, date behind head
Reverse Crescented three-arched hill (chaitya), river below, crescent moon at left, sun at right, Brahmi legend around (at 2:00, clockwise): Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Damasenasaputrasa Rajnah Kshatrapasa Vijayasenasa
Date S. 161 = 239 CE
Weight 1.90 gm.
Diameter 14 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference Senior 351.11, Fishman 23.1.161
Comments The coins naming Vijayasena as Kshatrapa are scarce, given his elevation to Mahakshatrapa in the second year of his reign. This coin has an interesting aspect to it that tells us something about the making of the dies for these coins. Note how the sun on the reverse has only five dots surrounding the central pellet ... one more pellet that should be there between 12 and 3 o'clock is missing. Clearly this was to accomodate the "tails" of the letters in the word Rajno, indicating that the circular legend was cut first onto the die and the central elements were added later. A CHOICE example!
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