INDIA, WESTERN KSHATRAPAS: Isvaradatta (242-43 CE?) Silver drachm, year 1. SCARCE & CHOICE!

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Obverse Head of king right, blundered Greek legend around
Reverse Crescented three-arched hill (chaitya), river below, crescent moon at left, sun at right, Brahmi legend around (at 3:00, clockwise): Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Isvaradattasa varshe prathame
Date possibly S. 164 = 242 CE
Weight 1.78 gm.
Diameter 14 mm.
Die axis 5 o'clock
Reference Senior 352.2, Fishman 24.2.x
Comments The identity and dating of Isvaradatta is highly uncertain. The most widely held current theory is that he was a usurper, since he does not name his father on his coins and appears to want to start a new era. This coin, for example, includes in the legend the words varshe prathame (year one). There is the further question of his date. Senior has published a coin (Sen 352.1) that appears to have the Saka era date 164 behind the head, and the varshe prathame legend on the reverse. This gives us a clue for the date. The coins are quite scarce. This is a particularly nice example with a bold portrait and full name on legend.
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