INDIA, VIJAYANAGAR, Tirumalaraya: Chalama Copper jital, Bull type

World Coins - INDIA, VIJAYANAGAR, Tirumalaraya: "Chalama" Copper jital, Bull type
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Obverse Humped bull standing left, facing dagger, sun and moon above
Reverse Two-line Nagari legend: Cha la ma / ra ya, the two lines separated by a panel containing a discus, crescent and conch
Date c. 1565-78
Weight 3.70 gm.
Diameter 15 mm.
Die axis 4 o'clock
Reference MNI ---, MSI 863
Comments Mitchiner assigns this coin to the Nayakas of Gingee, who were Vijayanagar feudatories who issued coins in the name of the Vijayanagar king.
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