INDIA, VIJAYANAGAR, Achyutaraya (1530-42) AE kasu, Madurai. SCARCE!

World Coins - INDIA, VIJAYANAGAR, Achyutaraya (1530-42) AE kasu, Madurai. SCARCE!
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Obverse Gandabherunda (two-headed eagle) displayed, holding a snake in each beak, surrounded by a dotted and then a ruled circular border
Reverse Stylized trident or flower
Date c. 1530-42
Weight 3.28 gm.
Diameter 13-14 mm.
Die axis 10 o'clock
Reference MNI ---, MSI ---, Ganesh Coins of Tamilnadu, 13.48
Comments The attribution of this coin is tentative, although I feel fairly confident of it.

One expert I consulted suggested the reverse was the Kannada letter bu and therefore attributed the coin to Bukka Raya. However, the style of the coin does not agree with such an early attribution. Ganesh, in his book, says these coins are found in Madurai and suggested that it might be an early issue of the Nayakas of Madurai. This is possible.

However, Ganesh also says that the Madurai Nayaka at the time, Viswanath Nayaka (1529-64) was a loyal feudatory of Vijayanagar. The Gandabherunda was the signature symbol of Achyutaraya, and its presence on this coin therefore seems to pay homage to him. However, his name is not on the reverse. Thus the coin seems to be an issue of a loyal feudatory who is getting ready to spread his wings, but hasn't quite done so yet. Unravelling the siginificance of the reverse might help in establishing whether the coin should be seen as a Vijayanagar issue, or one of the earliest coins of the Nayakas of Madurai.
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