INDIA, Silver 1/8 rupee in the name of Shah Alam II, uncertain mint, year 22. UNIQUE+CHOICE!

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Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend, including regnal year 22 and mintmarks fish and star
Date RY 22 = AH 1195 = c. 1781 CE
Weight 1.35 gm.
Diameter 12 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference Pridmore --, KM ---, MNI ---, unpublished, believed UNIQUE
Comments A remarkable and potentially important coin. It has been actively discussed on the South Asia Coins Discussion Group, but no definitive conclusion was reached. It awaits the attention of a good historian to uncover its secrets!

The coin's style suggests that the mint could be Murshidabad, but the Murshidabad mint had by this time been taken over by the East India Company, and they did not issue coins with regnal years greater than 19, as all coins issued after that time bore the frozen RY 19 on them. The "eastern" style of the coin prompted Prashant Kulkarni to suggest that it was issued at a yet unidentified mint in Bengal.

On the other hand, Jan Lingen noted the fish mintmark and therefore suggested Allahabad as the issuing mint, since the fish mintmark was used there. However, there are no known coins from Allahabad of the year 22. Further, Allahabad coins did not carry a star mintmark also, which this coin does.

Mahadji Sindhia issued coins from Agra Akbarabad after RY 30 which carried a star mintmark on the obverse and a fish mintmark on the reverse. Might this coin have been issued in Agra? Probably not, as year 22 coins from Agra do not carry a star mintmark. Nevertheless, this is potentially useful information. Might the Sindhias have issued this coin at some hitherto unidentified mint?

So we can't tell for sure if this was a Mughal provincial issue or emanated from an East India Company mint. A CHOICE and very interesting, UNIQUE coin!
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