INDIA, MEWAR, Swarup Shahi Silver 1/16 rupee, Udaipur

World Coins - INDIA, MEWAR, "Swarup Shahi" Silver 1/16 rupee, Udaipur
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Obverse Devanagari legend in two lines: Chitrakoot Udaipur, stylized mountain below (the hills of Udaipur)
Reverse Within 6-lobed foil, Devanagari legend: Dosti Ladhan
Date c. 1851-1930 CE
Weight 0.61 gm.
Diameter 10 mm.
Die axis 7 o'clock
Reference KM Y7.1
Comments Struck originally during the reign of Swarup Singh (1842-61) but continued in several subsequent reigns. Although the reverse legend is normally translated as "Friendship with London," it has always struck me that the spelling of "London" with the letter "dha" rather than "da" is odd. Also, almost all coins of this period lack the dot that would represent the "n" sound in London. The actual transliteration of the legend is Dosti Ladhan, which would mean "filled with friendship." I would like to suggest that Mewar, ever the most defiant of the Rajput kingdoms, intentionally played on the spelling so as to give the British the impression that they were declaring their fealty to London without actually doing so.
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