INDIA, Kushan: Huvishka Gold dinar, Ahura Mazda Orom reverse. RRR and SUPERB!

Ancient Coins - INDIA, Kushan: Huvishka Gold dinar, Ahura Mazda "Orom" reverse. RRR and SUPERB!
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Obverse King's bust left, not nimbate, holding sword hilt and mace, Bactrian legend around: þaonanoþao o ... ohþki koþano
Reverse Ahura Mazda standing left, holding scepter in left hand and extending right hand, Legend at right: ωPOM(azda), tamgha at left
Date c. 150-191 CE
Weight 7.99 gm.
Diameter 21 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference Göbl 333, DB 287
RRR and highly sought-after type depicting the supreme god of Zoroastrianism. The description below is taken from the CNG offering of this type (Sale 102, lot 713), where it fetched $54,000 including the buyer's premium.
One of the rarest reverse types in all of Kushan coinage, Ahuramazda (ahura [lord or mighty] and mazda [spirit or intelligence]) was the sole creator of heaven and earth and all life, and the supreme deity in the Zoroastrian pantheon. As the creator and upholder of the concept of asha (truth or right[eousness]), Ahuramazda was the supporter and guardian of justice and ally of the just man. As such, he became the protective divinity of the Achaemenids and the rulers of Persis (where he is depicted as a profile bust set into a quasi-Egyptian winged solar disk), as well as the Sasanian kings, who included him in the obverse legend of their coins (mzd’ysn [the Mazda worshipper]). Beginning with the Achaemenids, Ahuramazda became associated with the god Mithra and the goddess Anahita. While Mithra (as Miiro and Mioro) and Anahita (as Ardoxsho) were regularly incorporated into the pantheon of Kushan deities depicted on their coinage, the appearance of Ahuramazda on Kushan coins is rare. Given his hieratic importance, one might expect him to appear more frequently, given his connection to royalty. It is possible, however, that the Kushans were hesitant to include the supreme god on such a secular object as coinage (the same hesitancy occurred with issues of the Buddha), where, as John H. Rosenfield noted (p.83) “less exalted elements of the pantheon would be more congenial.”  
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