INDIA: KUSHAN, Huvishka AV dinar, Mao reverse. SCARCE and CHOICE!

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King's bust left, wearing mustache and sideburns, holding sceptre and sword hilt, Bactrian legend around: þaonanoþao o ... oηþki Koþano (Shaonanoshao Ooeshki Koshano ... King of kings, Huvishka the Kushan). 
Lunar deity Mao standing left, with lunar crescents on shoulders, holding sword hilt with left hand and ribbined scepter in left arm, granting blessing with outstretched right hand, legend at right: Mao, tamgha at left. 
Date c. 150-191 CE
Weight 7.75 gm.
Diameter 21 mm.
Die axis 12:30 o'clock
Reference Göbl 148
Comments Note how the crescents on Mao's shoulders are represented by simple arcs rather than proper crescents. A CHOICE specimen!
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