INDIA, KUSHAN, GADAKHARA: Gold dinar with Samudra under king's arm. SCARCE!

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Obverse King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left, Brahmi legend in right field: Gadakhara, under arm: Samudra, at left: pu
Reverse Enthroned Ardochsho (Lakshmi) seated facing, holding diadem and cornucopia
Date c. late 4th CE
Weight 7.55 gm.
Diameter 18 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference G�bl 611 var
Comments A very enigmatic coin. The style is quite different from the Gadahara coins, and the legend at right reads Gadakhara, which I believe to be intended to be the same as Gadahara. Below the king's arm is the legend Samudra, no doubt referring to Samudragupta, who was in power in Magadha at this time and beginning to expand the Gupta empire. Other Gadahara coins name other kings: Piroyasa, the Kushano-Sasanian king Peroz III; Kirada and Kidara, one or possibly two early Kidarite kings, and even the enigmatic Yasada. The question is, were all of these coins issues of the same king (Gadahara), who paid tribute to a number of his more powerful neighbors by naming them on his coins, or were all of these coins issues of different kings? The question remains unanswered. Some authors do believe that this coin is an issue of Samudragupta.
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