INDIA, KIDARITES in GANDHARA, Kidara: Kushano-Sasanian style Gold dinar. SCARCE + CHOICE!

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Obverse King standing facing, wearing ornate crown with central globe flanked by ornamental ribbons, two additional ribbons trailing as diadem ends, flames rising from right shoulder as representations of divine kingship, sacrificing at altar at left, holding trident in raised left hand, crescent-topped beribboned trident above altar at left, nandipada at right with cluster of dots below (lotus?) and hollow square above, Bactrian legend around: Bogo Kidoro Koshano Shoyo
Reverse Lord Oesho (Siva) standing facing, bull Nandi standing left behind
Date c. 4th century CE
Weight 7.63 gm.
Diameter 33 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference G�bl 735 var
Comments An astonishing coin, with an incredible amount of detail on the obverse to emphasize the divine nature of the king. The word Bogo in the legend means God and usually referred to the solar deity Mithra. The coin follows the Gandhara issues of the Kushano-Sasanian kings, and indicates that Kidara must have conquered this area. Note the close parallels in the crown here and on Kidara's silver coins.

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