INDIA, GONDS of DEVGARH, Kokashah I (1620-40) AE paisa. VERY RARE!

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Obverse Five line Nagari legend: Siva bhakta / Sri Mahara / ja Kokasa / hi Mahipa / tirava
Reverse Stylized dagger, surrounded by five line Nagari legend: Siva bhakta / Sri Mahara / ja -dagger- Ja / tabaji suta / Devagarh
Date 1620-40
Weight 13.28 gm.
Diameter 20 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference Kulkarni and Bhargava, Numismatic Digest , Vol. VIII, variety II
Comments The Gond kingdom of Devgarh was established by Jatba I around 1570 and lasted nearly 200 years before being absorbed into the Maratha realm. Kokashah I was the son of Jatba I and is known to have paid tribute to the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. His coins are very rare and the entire legend is never present on a single coin; it has to be pieced together from several specimens. I have only once seen a Gond coin offered for sale ... a coin in Baldwin 53, lot 1538, that sold for $375.
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