INDIA, EASTERN GANGAS, Bhanudeva III ? (1352-78) Gold fanam, Year 23. RARE & SUPERB!

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Obverse Stylized bull couchant right on a platform, with prominent horns above, circle and two dots before, sun and two moons above, goad behind, dot below
Reverse Stylized letter sa, for samvat (year), flanked by goad and battle axe, Anka date 23 below
Date c. 1370
Weight 0.44 gm.
Diameter 10-11 mm.
Die axis 6 o'clock
Reference MNI 677 var
Comments These coins were unobtainable until a small hoard emerged recently. They are still rare. This is a SUPERB specimen, showing very fine detail of the full design! The distinguishinhg feature of this "Series 3" coin is the presence of only one dot above the circle in front of the bull, and an elongated, stylish letter sa on the reverse.

Attributions are tentative and based on my recent paper (to appear in the journal Numismatic Digest). A brief summary of the work can be seen here:
Eastern Gangas.
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