INDIA, Baroda, Sayaji Rao III (1875-1938) AE paisa, Baroda mint, curved legend, centered, VS 1940.

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Obverse Horse hoof, scimitar below, circular Nagari legend Sarkar above centered, circular legend in Nagari around within two dotted borders: Sri Sayaji Rao . ma . Gayakwad // Sena Khas Khel Shamsher Bahadur , (the "ma" presumably stands for maharaj)
Reverse Nagari legend naming the denomination: ek paisa, Nagari samvat (year) above, date 1940 below, circular leaf and floral wreath within two dotted borders around.
Date VS 1940 = c. 1883 CE
Weight 7.82 gm.
Diameter 24 mm.
Die axis 1 o'clock
Reference KM Y31.1
Comments The earliest milled paisas of Sayaji Rao had the word sarkar on the obverse in a curved configuration; this coin is a more standard one where that word is centered ... a CHOICE coin!

Also notice how the circular wreath on the reverse border has evolved, especially near the bottom ... it is beginning to look more like the design we see in later years.
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