BRITISH INDIA, Madras Presidency: (c. 1740-1807) Gold 3-swami pagoda, late type. SUPERB!

Ancient Coins - BRITISH INDIA, Madras Presidency: (c. 1740-1807) Gold "3-swami" pagoda, late type. SUPERB!
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Obverse Three-quarter length figure of Venkateswara standing facing, flanked by his two consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi
Reverse Granulated field
Date c. 1740-1807
Weight 3.48 gm.
Diameter 11-13 mm.
Die axis n.a.
Reference Pridmore 3B, KM 304, MNI 1799
Comments The later type of the so-called "3-swami" pagoda shows the figures three-quarter length, on a relatively broader flan than the early type. On this specimen, the figures are placed a little lower on the flan than normal, which has the virtue of revealing the row of dots representing a canopy over the deities ... a SUPERB specimen!
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