BRITISH INDIA, BOMBAY PRESIDENCY: Silver half rupee in the name of Muhammad Akbar II (1806-1837), Ahmedabad, AH 1248. SUPERB!

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Obverse Legend, naming Muhammad Akbar, and with AH date 1248 in the middle register.
Reverse Legend, including mint name Ahmedabad, British mark 5-petalled flower with stem
Date AH 1248 (= 1832-33 CE)
Weight 5.83 gm.
Diameter 17-18 mm.
Die axis 6 o'clock
Reference Pridmore --- (unlisted), KM --- (see KM 45 for rupee)
Comments The British annexed Ahmedabad from the Gaekwar of Baroda in 1817 and continued to issue coins from that city until 1835, following on the previous patterns. They introduced the five-petalled flower with stem, but retained the "Maratha" mintmark of a sun with rays extending in four directions. This may be the only type issued by the British in the name of Muhammad Akbar II, as they continued issuing fictitious coins of year 46 of Shah Alam at their other mints. A very interesting piece of Indian history! A SUPERB specimen!
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