BACTRIA, AGATHOCLES or AGATHOKLES: Cupro-nickel Chalkous or unit of Dionysos/panther. RARE!

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Obverse Diademed head of Dionysos right, wearing wreath, thrysus over left shoulder, all within dotted border
Reverse Panther standing right with one paw raised to touch ivy at right, Greek legend: above: BAΣIΛEΩΣ, below: AΓAΘOKΛEOYΣ
Date c. 185-170 BCE
Weight 2.75 gm.
Diameter 18 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference MIG 148b, Bop 6B, SNG ANS 240
Comments The chalkous or single unit of this coin type is far rarer than the double unit or di-chalkous.
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