Paolucci, Raffaele & Artur Zub: The ROMAN IMPERIAL COINAGE OF AQUILEIA

Ancient Coins - Paolucci, Raffaele & Artur Zub: The ROMAN IMPERIAL COINAGE OF AQUILEIA
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2000, 264 pages, over 800 phoitographic illustrations in text. color plates, grey cloth, dust jacket, previous owner's bookplate. Else As New."The purpose of this work is to provide a photographic catalogue of all the types and varieties known at the present day of the coinage struck at the imperial mint, Sacra Moneta, of Aquileia, established at the time of Diocletian's reform of the monetary system, presumably in order to supply currency to the north-western regions of the Roman Empire. The Aquileia mint was opened, therefore, in 294 and closed some time before 455, during the reign of Valentinian III. The catalogue proper has been augmented by a historical and numismatic commentary which, however, to avoid the twin dangers of incompleteness and error, is merely basic. For fuller information on imperial biographies, the city of Aquileia and numismatics in general, the reader is referred to specialised academic works. Translations from Latin of all obverse and reverse legends are to be found in an appendix at the end."

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