Valerian Antoninianus - IOVI CONSERVATORI

Ancient Coins - Valerian Antoninianus - IOVI CONSERVATORI
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Valerian I 253-260AD silvered antoninianus (plated?)
Size:� 22mm� Weight:� 4.0 grams
Obverse:� IMP C P LIC VALERIANVS AVG, radiate and draped bust right
Reverse:� IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupier standing left holding scepter and thunderbolt

PVBLIVS LICINIUS VALERIANVS was born shortly after 190.� He was commanding troops along the Rhine when Trebonianus Gallus was killed during Aemilian's revolt in July, 253.� Valerian's troops hailed him Augustus and he quickly moved into Italy to confront Aemilian, who was then killed by his own men in September, 253.� Valerian and his son (and co-Augustus) Gallienus set out in 254 to restore the Empire's frontiers, Valerian taking the east and Gallienus the west.� After six years of warfare, Valerian was captured by treachery by the Sassanians in May, 260, and he died in captivity at an unknown date.
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