Caracalla Denarius "Parthian Conquest" AD 196-217 Authenticated & Graded by ANACS @ VF 35.

Ancient Coins - Caracalla Denarius "Parthian Conquest" AD 196-217 Authenticated & Graded by ANACS @ VF 35.
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Caracalla Denarius "Parthian Conquest" Excellent Caracalla AD 196-217 Silver Denarius "Our victory in Parthia still stands glorious." (18mm, 3.91g) Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG - Laureate bust right, draped. Rev: PART MAX PONT TR P IIII - Two Persians bound and seated back to back; between a Roman trophy of victory. Rome mint: AD 201 = RIC IVi, 54b, page 220 - Cohen 175 - SEAR RCV II (2002), #6853, page 524. ANACS VF 35.

History: Caracalla was made Caesar in August 198. before the great Parthian victory. In 202, he married the daughter of the Prefect, Plautian, (Plautilla). From the outset, the bride and Caracalla barely tolerated each other, a situation that worsened as the months of marriage progressed and culminated in a complete separation. The couple refused all opportunities to be seen together. In 205 Plautilla’s father made a power grab, threatening Caracalla’s rule. He was executed leaving Plautilla and her daughter to be exiled to Sicily where they were treated very harshly. In 210 Caracalla had them strangled to death. He waited until his father died to commit this final insult.

Caracalla was known for hosting the secular games. These commenced In 204. While Caracalla play Grand Martial of the games, his father, Septimius Severus, was continuing to build a new Roman dynasty. The older leader engaged in many battles, with many nations, capturing their cities and looting their treasuries. His last campaign took him to Britain where his military success was equivocal and where he died a sudden, but natural death in the city of York.

Fortunately for Caracalla, who had no military credentials, he had taken his father’s advice a few years earlier. He agreed to accompany his father to Africa and later Brittany. These excursions offered Caracalla good opportunities to bolster his military image, prior to his father’s death. They probably secured his emperorship during the vulnerable months after his father’s death.

In 217 Caracalla and his guard were riding to visit a temple in what had been Parthia. Caracalla stopped to urinate. That was the last physical act of his life. While relieving himself, one of his soldiers took the opportunity to stab him, ending his life. The soldier was executed a few days later, as Macrinus took the throne. Modern authors have not deviated from the longstanding historical assessment that Caracalla was one of Rome’s most tyrannical, psychopathic and evil rulers.

This coin has an interesting twist that illustrates Caracalla’s megalomanic ways. The title of 'Parthicus Maximus’, readable in the legend of the reverse, was never officially conferred on Caracalla. The title belonged only to his father, who had fought bitterly with the Parthians and had largely prevailed. Caracalla participated in none of these victories.

Ancient Coins - Caracalla Denarius
Ancient Coins - Caracalla Denarius
Ancient Coins - Caracalla Denarius
Ancient Coins - Caracalla Denarius
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