Victorinus, AD 269 to 271. Bronze antoninianus.

Ancient Coins - Victorinus, AD 269 to 271. Bronze antoninianus.
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Denomination : Bronze Antoninianus.  Mint : Uncertain southern mint, possibly Cologne, Mainz or Trier.

Date : 3rd emmission of AD 270.

Reference : RIC 5, part 2, #57.  AGK - 18a,  Sear-11176

Size : 20.6 x 21.3 mm. nbsp; Weight : 1.92 grams.

Grade : choice XF, with fill inscriptions and a good strike on both sides.  Black patination.  The obverse die was very fresh, with the reverse die with just minor wear.  Over all, a very nice specimen of a Victorinus Antoninianus.

Obverse : Radiate bust of Victorinus right, with IMP C VICTORINVS P F AVG around.

Reverse : Pietas standing left, extending her hand over an altar, with PIETAS AVG around.

The price for this coin may sound high, but a fully struck, well-centred example of a Victorinus is a rare.

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