Vespasian, AD 69-79. Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Vespasian, AD 69-79. Silver denarius.
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Denomination   : Silver denarius. Mint : Rome.

Date : AD 75 to 79

Size : 18.1 x 19.4 mm   Weight : 3.31 grams.

: Sear-2295 variety. RSC-222.

Grade :  VF but weak area on the reverse.

: Head of Vespasian right, with IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG around.

Reverse : Jupiter standing slightly left, holding a staff, with a small altar at his feet, with IOVIS CVSTOS around.

A very nice portrait of Vespasian, but unfortunately the head of Jupiter on the reverse did not strike up.

We stand behind the authenticity of our coins. Grading is subjective and the grade assigned may vary between numismatic professionals. The image is the best indicator of the grade.
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