Valeria Galeria, AD 305-311. Bronze follis.

Ancient Coins - Valeria Galeria, AD 305-311. Bronze follis.
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Valerian Galeria was the wife of Galerius.

Denomination : Bronze follis. Mint : Antioch, 4th officina

Size : 24.6 x 26.1 Weight : 5.17 grams.

Reference : Sear-3730 variety

Grade : good Fine / VG. The reverse has numerous fairly bad scratches.

Obverse : Head of Galeria Valeria right, with GAL VALERIA AVG around.

Reverse : Venus standing left, holding an apple, with VENERI VICTRICI around, the officina mark D in the left field, and the mint mar ANT below.

Not what I could call a very nice over all coin, but a relatively inexpensive example of a Galeria Valeria portrait that is still clear.

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