Tacitas, AD 275-276. Bronze antoninianus.

Ancient Coins - Tacitas, AD 275-276. Bronze antoninianus.
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Denomination : Bronze Antoninianus.  Mint : Uncertain Gaulic mint, probably Lugdunum.

Reference : RIC V, pt 1, page 332, #63.  Sear 11817 variety.

Size : 21.5 x 23.5 mm.  Weight : 4.16 grams.

Grade : gXF with a attractive subdued grey appearance from signficant toned silvering on the surfaces.

Obverse : Radiate bust of Tacitas right, with IMP CL TACITAS AVG around.

Reverse : Felicitas standing left, holding a caduceus and cornucopiae, with TEMPORVM FELICITAS around, and A A flanking Felicitas.  

The image below was extracted from an image of this coin, with no details modified woth than to lighten the skin areas to make it look slightly more natural. 

We stand behind the authenticity of our coins. Grading is subjective and the grade assigned may vary between numismatic professionals. The image is the best indicator of the grade.
Ancient Coins - Tacitas, AD 275-276. Bronze antoninianus.
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