Sex. Pompeius Fostlus. ca. 137 BC. Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Sex. Pompeius Fostlus. ca. 137 BC. Silver denarius.
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Denomination : Silver denarius.

Reference : Sear-112. RSC Pompeia-1

Size : 18.7 x 19.8 mm. Weight : 3.75 grams.

: aF and somewhat off-center.

Obverse : Helmeted head of Roma right, with the denomination mark X below her chin, and an jug behind.  There is some odd marks in the field in front of Roma's head, which were clearly part of the original striking and were on the die, which should not be there, but may be evidence of a damaged die.

Reverse : She-wolf standing right, suckling Romulus and Remus, with a fig tree in the background, and the shepherd Faustulus standing to the left, with FOSTLVS SEX POM around and ROMA below (parts of the inscription are off the flan).

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