Sassanian, Khusru I, AD 531-579. Silver drachm.

Ancient Coins - Sassanian, Khusru I, AD 531-579. Silver drachm.
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Denomination : Silver Drachm.  Mint : AI (Shush mint).

Date : year-30 (AD 560), although the year mark is not clear due to a die break over it, I am fairly certain this is the correct year.

Size : 30.0 x 31.5 mm.  Weight : 4.08 grams.

Grade : VF but struck from a deteriorated reverse die.

Obverse : Head of Khusru I right, with Sassanid inscription naming him around.

Reverse : Fire altar flanked by two attendants, with the date to the left, and mint to the right, in Sassanid script.   The AI (for Shush mint) is clear, but the date mark for year 30 is partly obscured by a die break.

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