Roman Republic. C. Naevius Balbus. ca. 79 BC.

Ancient Coins - Roman Republic. C. Naevius Balbus. ca. 79 BC.
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Denomination : Silver denarius (serrate).

Reference : Sear-309, RSC-Naevia-6

Size : 18.6 x 19.3 mm. Weight : 3.87 grams.

Grade : gF

Obverse : Diademed head of Venus right, with S C behind, and a mint control letter E below her chin.

Reverse : Victory driving a triga right, with C NAE BALB below (some of the letters are ligate).

The S C behind Venus' head indicates this coin was struck by the special authority of the Senate, possibly from silver supplied by the Senate.  It was most likely issued to finance the war against Sulla.

This is one of only two Roman Republican issues to show a triga (three horse chariot).

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