Roman Republic. cast Aes Grave Semis. ca. 215 to 216 BC.

Ancient Coins - Roman Republic.  cast Aes Grave Semis.  ca. 215 to 216 BC.
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Denomination : Bronze Semis.  Date : ca. 215 to 212 BC.

Mint : Rome.

Reference : BMCRR 1 page 18, #40.  Syd. 102.  Cr 41/6a.  TV 71.  Sear 576.

Size : 29.9 x 33.0 mm in diameter and 9.8 mm thick.  Weight : 32.59 grams.

Grade : XF.  Very dark green patina with minor encrustations.  As with most Aes grave, air bubbles trapped in the mold create gaps in the coin.  This specimen has such a gap, which is a little larger than usual and includes a spot where it goes right through the coin (clearly visible on the image). While this is a signficant flaw, the over all coin is still very eye-appealing with an attractive patina.

Obverse : Head of Saturn left, with the denomination mark S behind.

Reverse : Ship's prow left, with an S above.

Because the designs on this type are coursely rendered, they can be difficult to decern if the coin is viewed up close be become clear if it is held at a short distance.

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