Roman Imperial Anonymous Quadrans. ca. AD. 81 to161.

Ancient Coins - Roman Imperial Anonymous Quadrans.  ca. AD.  81 to161.
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Denomination : Bronze Quadrans.  Some people believe these are tessara, but the SC on the reverse clearly suggest these are actually coins in the Imperial series.

: Rome is most likely, but it in not 100% certain..
Date : These are issued anonymously and cannot be assigned to a particular reign, but it the have been determined to date to some time between Domitian and Antoninus Pius (AD 81 to 161)..
Size : 15.1 x 17.6  mm   Weight : 1.78 grams.

: RIC II, page 218, #28.  Sear - 2926

Grade :  Fine/VF but rough.  Very dark brown patination.
Obverse : Griffon left, with it's paw on a wheel.

: Tripod flanked by S C.

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