Roman Imperatorial. Cassius. 43 to 42 BC. Silver denarius

Ancient Coins - Roman Imperatorial. Cassius.  43 to 42 BC. Silver denarius
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Gaius Cassius Longinus was the brother in law of Brutus, and one of the leaders in the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar, and was one of the assassins.

Denomination : Silver denarius.  Mint : probably Smyrna.

Date : 43 to 42 BC, but since Cassius and named as Imperator, it was probably in 42 BC.

Reference : Sear-1447.  Syd.-1305.  Cr.-500/5.  RSC Cassius 6.

Size : 17.0 x 18.6 mm.  Weight : 3.62 grams.

Grade : VF, old toning, minor flan crack.

Obverse : Diademed head of Libertas right, with C CASI IMP LEIBERTAS around.

Reverse : Emblems of the Augurate (jug and lituus) with LENTVLVS SPINT below. 
The reverse type is a reference to P Cornelius P f P n Lentulus Spinther being appointed to the college of Augurs.   He had traveled with Cassius and Brutus, and is referenced on coins of of both of them, and must have been the moneyer in charge of those issues.

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