Phoenicia, Arados. ca. 400 BC. Silver dishekel.

Ancient Coins - Phoenicia, Arados. ca. 400 BC. Silver dishekel.
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Denomination : Silver dishekel (or stater).

Date : ca. 350 to 332 BC.

Reference : Sear - 5977 variety with a the small irregular flan that is common to this type.

Size : 27.5 x 29.9 mm. Weight : 15.23 grams.

Grade : VF

Obverse : Laurate head of a bearded diety right.

Reverse : Galley traveling right, with waves below and a Phoenician inscription above.  The Phoenician inscription includes a regnal. 

The Phoenician numbers IIL are visible but right on the edge of the coin, although the leading I is not clear on the image.  Dated examples are usually IIIL for year 13, so there is probably another I just off the edge.   Usually assigned to King Gerostratos who ruled from about 350 to 332 BC and sided with Alexander the Great when he invaded the region, year 13 would be about 337 BC.  

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