Philip I, AD 244-249. Silver antoninianus

Ancient Coins - Philip I, AD 244-249. Silver antoninianus
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Denomination : Silver antoninianus.  Mint : Rome.

Date : AD 247

Size : 21.3 x 23.0 mm.  Weight : 4.50 grams.

Reference : S-8923.  RIC IV #29.  RSC-32.

Grade : gXF/gVF (the reverse is slightly weak right in the center).  Lots of lustre.

Obverse : Radiate bust of Philip I right, with IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG around.

Reverse : Annona standing left holding a cornucopiae, and holding two ears of corn over a ship's prow at her feet, with ANNONA AVGG around.

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