Pergamene Kingdom, Cistophoric tetradrachm.

Ancient Coins - Pergamene Kingdom, Cistophoric tetradrachm.
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Pergamon in Mysia, ca. 190 to 133 BC.

Denomination : cistophoric tetradrachm. Reference : Sear Greek - 3944 variety 

Size : 26.3 x 27.4 mm. Weight : 12.56 grams.

Grade : F/VF

Obverse : Cista mysica (basket) from which emerges a serpent, all within an ivy-wreath.

Reverse : Bowcase between two entwined serpents, with the mint mark for Pergamon to the left, and to the right a small symbol of a serpent coiled around a staff.

Pergamon became the capital of the Pergamene Kingdom under Philetairos in 282 BC.  Cistophoric tetradrachms were struck at a variety of cities within the kingdom from 190 to 133 BC, under Eumenes II, Attalos II and Attalos III..  The Romans conquored the region creating the Roman Provence of Asia in 133 BC and continued striking cistophoric tetradrachms but added the names or initials of Roman Proconsuls.

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