Olbia in Thrace, bronze dolphin coin, INSCRIBED.

Ancient Coins - Olbia in Thrace, bronze dolphin coin, INSCRIBED.
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Denomination : Bronze Dolphin (the exact denomination is not known).

Reference : similar to  Sear Greek - 1684 but with inscription.

Size : 26.7 x 8.5 mm.  Weight : 1.86 grams.

Grade : F with a slightly rough patination.

Obverse : The Greek letter O, probably short for OLBIO, a form of OLBIA that appears on some early coins from Olbia.

The letter O is in an archaic form, with a dot in the middle, which is normal for these.  At first glance one might assume the letter is a theta, but if you check ICARD's list of Greek letter forms on page 365 of DICTONARY OF GREEK COIN INSCRIPTIONS, you will find that an O with a dot in the middlecan be an Omecron, Theta, Phi or Omega.

: dolphin form.

Inscribed examples such as this one are scarce. 

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