Nero, AD 54 to 68. Copper As from Perinthus mint. RARE TYPE.

Ancient Coins - Nero, AD 54 to 68. Copper As from Perinthus mint.  RARE TYPE.
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Denomination : Copper As. Mint : Perinthus in Thrace

Date : The portrait style is ca. AD 65 to 66.

Reference : RPC I, 1762 (variety with slightly different inscription).

Rarity : RPC lists only one specimen of this type between all the collections they included in their study. There only seem to be two specimens in Coin Archives, one of which is this coin Gorny & Mosch, Auction 122, lot 2006, March 10, 2003).

Size : 25.8 x 27.1 mm. Weight : 11.34 grams.

Grade : gVF/VF with minor encrusting dirt.  A very attractive sea green patination.

Obverse : Head of Nero right, with NERO CLAVDIVS CASESAR AVG GERM P M TR around (RPC lists the inscription as ending in TR P, but the P is not present on this specimen.

Reverse : Eagle standing forward on a globe, with head right, with S C flanking.

This reverse appears to be copied directly from the As of Augustus struck by Tiberius in AD 34 to 37 (Sear #1790).

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