Maxentius, AD 306-312. Bronze follis.

Ancient Coins - Maxentius, AD 306-312. Bronze follis.
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Denomination : Bronze follis.  Mint : Ostia

Date : AD 309-312

Size : 24.3 x 24.8 mm.  Weight : 6.32 grams.

Reference : RIC VI Ostia 35, Sear-3776

Grade : aXF with subdued silvering.

Obverse : Head of Maxentius right, with IMP C MAXENTIUS P F AVG around.

Reverse : Castor and Pollux standing forward with their heads turned to face each other, and with a small star above their heads.  Each holding a staff, and the bridle of one of the two horses between them, with AETERNITAS AVG N around. The mint mark is MOSTQ (Ostia, 4th officina).

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